about me


My Product Management & Product Marketing journey has seen me ship products from Multivitamins to payment platforms. And I really love what I do, it's the perfect excuse to be a nerd and learn everything :-)

As an unrepentant learner, I get my hands in many things, picking up skills along the way. Getting into the weeds is a part of execution and getting stuff done is my forte.

Sometimes it means being a copywriter or wearing my hat as a part-time Javascript coder.
Other times it means wiping out Photoshop (my experience as a Pro Photographer is very helpful here).
On days my UX guys need me, it's being the Figma guy or UX researcher/ analyst.
Sometimes it is being a tester.
When it's time to hustle for resources from management vs other competing needs, I am a pro-business analyst forecasting trends, adoption, revenue and doing that MS Excel magic .

At launch time, my experience kicks in. Be it digital, offline or traditional marketing ; I have the expertise to shepherd the creative process to deliver something that users love and companies grow.
I love leading my teams through the process of problem-solving...Everything is a Rubix.

My strengths are out-of-the-box thinking & an exceptional learning agility.
I spend most of my time thinking about the future of consumer technology and developing competitive strategies for my portfolio of products.
i'm interested ONLY in stretching Product Management and Strategy roles because i'm a dreamer and i want to change the world around me.

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